Corporate Communications

Speechwriting and Presentation Training

Engaging an audience, either through the written or spoken word is a critical leadership discipline. We work with senior executives to find their voices, and tell a compelling story every time they present. In particular we:

  • help to distil a topic or message into language that is natural for the presenter and accessible to the audience
  • draft speeches, letters and other materials that reflect a leader's persona and clearly convey the messages he or she wants to deliver
  • coach business leaders to project confidence, engage their audience and handle difficult questions with poise

Strategic Internal Communications

Good communication is central to good leadership. Good leaders communicate with others without coercing or conscripting, but in a way that makes people buy in to what needs to be achieved. We advise on:

  • communicating to build awareness or acceptance of a company's strategy or values, and to engage employees to support a high performance culture
  • establishing a strategic communications framework to integrate internal communications activities across a group of functions or business units
  • maximising CEO and senior management communications and ensuring an appropriate 'share of voice' across the executive team on key business issues
  • change communications, during and post a major transaction or business change
  • creative use of internal communications channels, including advising on the use of social media platforms, establishing appropriate protocols and advising on the tone and language to use to ensure messages get traction
  • helping employees to understand how the media works and making recommendations about internal communication to address potential misconceptions resulting from media coverage

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