Investor Relations

Effective market communication is a critical management discipline. Indeed the success or otherwise of most management teams is determined, over time, by their ability to manage and deliver against market expectations.

We help companies to formulate effective investor relations programs encompassing financial calendar announcements (results, trading updates, AGM), strategy presentations and investor and analyst roadshows. Most importantly, we advise on setting market expectations with a view to building the management brand and establishing a track record of success. The announcement of half year and full year results are important milestones in the investor relations calendar. In the context of results, and other material market announcements, we can:

  • help companies to frame their performance within a consistent and compelling strategic framework that takes into account market and media perceptions and expectations
  • provide feedback about positioning, tone and emphasis and assist with the preparation of materials
  • prepare senior management for announcements by advising on the presentation of materials and facilitating Q&A, including interrogation of difficult issues

We can help with the preparation of the annual report, including concept and theme development to suit the company's strategy and lifecycle, drafting Chairman's and CEO's addresses, and identifying and managing issues around, for example, the publication of the remuneration report.

We advise on the handling of AGMs including messaging, speechwriting, Q&A rehearsal, media relations and management of issues including remuneration, management and board appointments, and corporate governance.

We also conduct perception studies that deliver independent and unfiltered feedback from the investment community to shape future investor communications and enable progress to be benchmarked.

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