Issues & Crisis Management

Our approach to issues and crisis management begins with thorough preparation, helping to identify and address potential problems before they escalate. We understand and seek to work within a company's internal issues management protocols and hierarchies, and where appropriate can make recommendations on how these can be improved.

Above all we believe that the effective management of an issue depends on one's ability to maintain a level-headed focus and work as part of a fast-paced, decisive team to arrest or contain the issue as far as possible, and to limit or avoid any lasting impacts. We bring objectivity, a strong sense of how stakeholders may react to an issue, and sound judgement to ensure that the level of the communications response is proportionate to the nature of the issue.

We have advised companies and organisations on a range of issues in areas including:

  • stakeholder activism by shareholders, NGO's, unions and consumer groups (including aggressive social media campaigns)
  • product failure, integrity of sourcing
  • employee misconduct
  • plant closure and/or large scale redundancy
  • workplace injury
  • financial loss brought about by business or systems failure
  • management departures and appointments, CEO succession, board splits, attacks by shareholders and remuneration issues
  • legal disputes and litigation

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