Media & Presentation Training

Executive presentation and media coaching through the art of storytelling.

We help chairmen and senior executives prepare for major company announcements, including:

  • M&A transactions
  • IPOs and capital raisings
  • Corporate strategy, change and transformation announcements
  • Re-branding or brand repositioning
  • Board and management succession

Nightingale's approach is both bespoke and collaborative. We work closely with spokespeople at all levels of experience to:

  • Master their key messages in an authentic way that 'feels right' for them and plays naturally and credibly to an audience
  • Help people find words to take the delivery of their presentations 'off the slides', leading to a more compelling and engaging performance
  • Practice tailoring their narrative for key stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and media
  • Anticipate and manage issues and questions positively and confidently

We also offer bespoke media training packages, including customised practical media training sessions

  • Understand the current media landscape and the 'rules of the game'
  • Practice tailoring messaging and interview techniques for newspaper, radio and TV
  • Build confidence in successfully managing media interviews
  • Turn theory into practice with tailored mock interview training

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