Media Relations

We understand how the media works, what influences coverage, and how the media is likely to react to events. A company which projects a compelling vision - a clear message of its philosophy, objectives and strategies for the future - is more likely to trigger a favourable response from the media than one which simply relies upon the release of statutory reports of its activities and performance.

We can help companies to craft their message, prepare them for the way the media may react, and help them to build relationships with those whose opinions count. We can also act as an effective advocate for clients with the media. We can advise on, and help to execute, all aspects of the development and implementation of a media relations program.

We are able to either manage media relations on behalf of smaller companies, or act as a sounding board for media managers in larger companies. We also offer bespoke media training programs, from basic media skills training, to message development and delivery to camera.

Digital and social media platforms are growing in importance and influence. We bring strong judgement and a working knowledge of how to manage issues in social and digital media.

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