We have a proven track record in managing communications for financial market transactions including hostile takeover bids or defences, agreed mergers, management buy-outs and private equity approaches. We bring a real understanding of the mechanics of transactions, financial analysis and valuation issues, the dynamics of capital markets, and regulatory issues and processes.

Mergers & Aquisitions

We offer both strategic advice, as well as hands-on support, operating as a fast-paced, agile and highly disciplined team. We add value to deal-based communications through:

  • working with a client and its advisers to determine how a transaction should be positioned from the outset to gain maximum support from stakeholders
  • understanding the perceptions and anticipating the reactions of stakeholders, and using that knowledge to develop a communications framework and strategy
  • identification of key issues and preparation of responses, tracking and handling issues throughout the process
  • planning and execution of announcement tactics including drafting and editing of materials
  • strategic stakeholder engagement, particularly acting as an advocate for a client's case with media commentators and correspondents, and advising on internal communications including messaging, mechanisms and frequency
  • coaching and preparing management and spokespeople for the scrutiny that a transaction entails, advising on tone, content, delivery of announcements and presentations, and how to deal with questions or difficult issues
Equity Capital Markets

The communications task in any Initial Public Offering or demerger is enormous. We bring a detailed understanding of the IPO and demerger process and a breadth of experience in guiding companies and their management through this hugely demanding time.

    We deliver value through:
  • helping the vendor, the management team and advisers to articulate the investment case in the most compelling manner
  • helping to prepare management for increased public scrutiny, including presentation and media training and Q&A rehearsal
  • identifying potentially negative issues, anticipating potential detractors such as competitors or industry groups and developing an issues management program accordingly
  • acting as an advocate for the company with the media and devising a media engagement program that creates understanding and support for the company and its management team, and helps to build momentum through the IPO process leading up to pricing
  • continuing to support our clients in the secondary market, helping them to establish appropriate public company communications functions, and providing advice about an ongoing communications strategy and program

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